Free Radicals: Historical Mash-ups and the Poetry of Change

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Jenny Schmid, Burkini Surfer Girl, lithograph and Ink Jet, 2012

Jenny Schmid, Burkini Surfer Girl, lithograph and ink jet, 2012

Location: Hyatt Grand Ballroom A
Date/Time: Saturday, March 29, 1:00 – 2:00pm
  Jenny Schmid
Presenters: Michael Krueger, Serena Perrone, Ben Venom

This panel considers the power of associative thinking and historical mash-ups to create radical paradigm shifts.  Graphic media inherently offers artists the potential to remix or reference history but as many artists seek to cross over with academic fields, metaphor is often left by the side of the road.  The artists on this panel will discuss revolution in the free combination of histories which might be more limiting in other disciplines. By seeking out metaphor and free association, we will consider art that might not appear to be in-your-face activist, but instead exploits artistic license to draw on the subconscious as a tool for the deconstruction of assumed paradigms.

Jenny Schmid lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she runs bikini press international and is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally and is represented by The Davidson Galleries in Seattle. Her prints can be found in collections including The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Detroit Institute of Arts, The Block Museum in Chicago and The Spencer Art Museum. She received the Fulbright, the McKnight Fellowship, the Bush Artists Grant, a 2010 Jerome Film and Video grant and a 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant.

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